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Wanda is nothing less than Austria’s current pop sensation. Leather jackets, cigarettes and, of course, lots of Amore swept across Austria, Germany and Switzerland during the last few months. Pretty much all of Wanda’s live venues have been too small for the crowds who wanted to see the five-piece band around singer Marco Michael Wanda. Discovered by Ja, Panik’s keyboarder Laura Landergott and Problembär Records (and now the band’s) manager Stefan Redelsteiner Wanda pull out hit single after hit single (including “Bologna”, “Auseinandergehen ist schwer” and “Schickt mir die Post”), while their acclaimed debut album “Amore” is still among the Top 10 in the Austrian charts half a year after its release. The band connects stories about failed relationships, female cousins, liquor and death with immensely catchy 3-minute pop songs and performs them live with an intensity that makes crowds go wild. Together with Rico Films we’ve recorded Wanda’s historic hometown gig in Vienna’s Gasometer in front of 4,000 people. Enjoy!

  • Posted: April 23, 2015
  • Camera: Sarah Brugner, Alexander Korec, Michael Luger, Florian Senekowitsch, Wolfgang Seehofer, Stefan Sietzen, Christian Urban
  • Sound: Paul Gallister
  • Post-Production: Florian Senekowitsch
  • Photography: Julia Zisser
  • Thanks To: SKE