Never Seen Scars So Deep
The Rest Will Follow
Luna Park

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And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Conrad Keely shuffles around in the yard, sips at his coffee and squints against the humble spring sun. It’s noon and he is about to wake up while his bandmates Jason Reece and Kevin Allen adjust their sunglasses. A shooting should have already taken place the last time And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead toured Vienna, a year ago. Yet the art-rock band, launched in Austin, Texas, had set to sleep when we passed by the venue that late afternoon. A rock band’s tour life is said to be exhausting, so it’s fair enough to witness the guys rising at noon and see – most notably Conrad – getting more and more into the performance. His singing, still frail at this hour of the day, adds to the to date unreleased song “Never Seen Scars So Deep” an all-to-true vulnerability. The lo-fi version of one of their grandest anthems, the otherwise highly explosive “The Rest Will Follow”, turns out not less convincingly, before they finally get more aloud and exhilarated on “Luna Park”. Encoring with a chewing gum commercial, there is no doubt that Trail Of Dead are eventually awaken.

  • Posted: June 15, 2009
  • Camera: Michael Luger
  • Sound Recording: Matthias Leihs
  • Post-Production: Simon Brugner
  • Photography: Simon Brugner