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The Boys You Know

The sun hasn’t risen yet when a bunch of young people gather in front of the University of Vienna. While the first creacking trams start rolling, the four-piece band warms up with coffee and cigarettes. They are like any other bunch of students except the fact that it is still ways too early in the morning for the student folks! Well, The Boys You Know are here to take over the University Library before the students flock in. The up-and-coming band tries not to be intimated by the atmosphere of the Great Reading Room – a room with grand 19th century interior design, dark-wooden bookshelves, characteristic green reading lamps and a skylight as the only other source of light. But dawn is near and The Boys You Know go for an inspired rendition of “Clark” that is featured on their debut album “Waste Your Time”. It feels surreal how Thomas’ mellow voice hangs over the room and how the band’s performance bathes the grand setting in an even warmer light. Oh, if only the students that arrive soon after could have known!