All Hail Dracula!

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Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

It’s the first time that we catch up with the same band twice for a video session. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin have got in touch with us before coming to Vienna in fall 2010, suggesting to do another collaboration. Oh, it did not take long to convince us! The last get-together was already some two years ago and the friendly foursome has just released the new great album “Let It Sway”. So when we meet up with the Springfield-based musicians at Chelsea (the same venue, where they’ve had their last Vienna-show on), we happen to end up in the same neighbourhood, where we have done the first session together. On the spot Will and Phil are encircled by boys, who demand to play a part in “a YouTube video”. Fair enough! Having most probably grown up with a different (gangsta-)style of music videos, the kids start freaking out and put on a strongman act as soon as the camera is rolling. “All Hail Dracula!” thus turns out to be a spirited performance in a pretty crazy setting. After having settled a fight among the boys, Will and Phil perform the mellow “Phantomwise” under a street lamp on the playground. On the way back to the venue Phil then tells a story about an encounter with some rowdies in his home town.

  • Posted: October 24, 2010
  • Camera: Sarah Brugner
  • Sound Recording: Matthias Leihs
  • Post-Production: Sarah Brugner
  • Photography: Simon Brugner