War Strategies
Library Card


The times they are a changin’ for Anna Kohlweis. She has recently moved out of her Vienna apartment and pops in for a FM4 studio session from Klagenfurt, where she is staying for a few weeks before heading to the US. And it’s not so much touring that leads her abroad. In fact she is involved in various fields of art from painting, illustrating, music video making, drawing comics to making music unter the name of Squalloscope. For a start she grabs the guitar to play the stripped-down song “War Strategies” (that she released as Paper Bird, her former musical self), followed by “Caterpillars”, one of her few love songs. After having built up a multi-layered, elated atmosphere with her second tune, Squalloscope sounds extra grand with “Library Card”. This last track – about the absurdity of social norms and artifical problems that are imposed on a young, independent woman – might also explain, why Squalloscope likes to write songs about other things than love as well.


  • Posted: May 20, 2015
  • Camera: Sarah Brugner, Clara Wolf, Michael Luger
  • Sound: Rudi Ortner
  • Post-Production: Michael Luger
  • Thanks To: Susi Ondrusova @ FM4