Little Bird
White Horse

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Scott Matthew

For those who encountered the New York-based artist Scott Matthew for the first time in the movie “Shortbus” where he appears as a musician contributing to the film’s soundtrack, he could be remembered as “the sensitive looking guy with the poignant voice and the bawdy smile”. When we meet good-humoured Scott in rainy Krems, he gives us a full-bearded, endearing smile. In the tourbus on the way to the Old Town Matthew starts playing on his ukulele and raises his haunting voice to the song “Little Bird” when passing the Danube. His singing is playfully interrupted when his manager decides to drive an extra loop at the roundabout. Dizzy! Mischievously grinning Scott carries on playing. Between the intensity of Scott Matthews singing and his cordiality in conversation is a smooth transition. So he comments it with “chivalrous” when we hand him a jacket for sitting on the wet, narrow walk-up in a side street. Then Scott slides into the soulful performance of an “exclusive” song he wrote just three days before on the highway. And again – the depth of the session merges in a jovial searching for a title for this “very schicki-micki” song on our way back to the hotel in the tourbus.

  • Posted: April 27, 2008
  • Camera: Michael Luger
  • Sound Recording: Matthias Leihs
  • Post-Production: Simon Brugner
  • Photography: Simon Brugner