The Stowaway
Schengenländer Die!
I Believe You

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It must be incredibly difficult to write songs when you are – like Robert Rotifer – a walking pop encyclopaedia. Knowing that everything has been done before, you might feel trapped within all those references when faced with the tricky task of creating your own unique sound. Rotifer has not only played in bands for more than 20 years now, but has also worked as a music journalist for Austrian media for quite a long time. His profession and anglophilia made him move to London in 1997, where he revived his song writing skills and turned them into four albums, the last of which was released in January 2008 (“Coach Number 12 of 11”). Over the years, Rotifer’s guitar-driven songs that are still far away from classic indie tunes, have become less arty and increasingly convincing in terms of their poppiness. Or, perhaps Rotifer said it best: “When playing live, I’ve always felt a bit like demanding something from the audience instead of giving them something. It’s time for a change.”

  • Posted: March 1, 2008
  • Camera: Christian Köck
  • Sound Recording: Michael Luger
  • Post-Production: Simon Brugner
  • Photography: Simon Brugner