Capable Ride

Mile Me Deaf

It was only a question of time until we would finally record some music of Mile Me Deaf. Mastermind Wolfgang Möstl is an established name in the Austrian underground scene. Apart from Mile Me Deaf he currently plays in Sex Jams, was the head of Killed By 9V Batteries and produces records for other bands. Wolfgang has been living in Vienna for quite some while, but for recording music he always returns to his parents’ place on the countryside. The birth of Mile Me Deaf must have happened precisely there in the chicken house, where Wolfgang locked himself to do all the recordings on his own. Mile Me Deaf’s latest album “Eerie Bits of Future Trips” comes with a noisy lo-fi pop appeal and shows how much of a sound tinkerer Wolfgang must be. He does all the playing, looping and cutting of his samples without the help of his live band. He once explained that he tries to do rock songs with the approach of a electronic or hip-hop producer. In the end, the art lies in making this experiment not sound too sophisticated, yet fuzzy and catchy at the same time. Mile Me Deaf’s laid-back and throbbing live show at Szene Wien proves them right.

  • Posted: June 15, 2015
  • Camera: Sarah Brugner, Christopher Herndler, Michael Luger, Martina Trepczyk
  • Sound Recording: David Ruhmer
  • Audio Mixing: Wolfgang Möstl
  • Post-Production: Sarah Brugner, Michael Luger
  • Thanks To: SKE