Tinker Boat

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Hella Comet

Through the dark- and chillness more and more people make their way into the warehouse. From the outside the industrial site along the heavily trafficked Conrad von Hötzendorf Straße doesn’t look like a very inviting place to hang out in the city of Graz. But once people make their way into the basement, all doubts are dissipated. Because here it is, Hella Comet’s rehearsal room, where they are playing a free show tonight! It’s loud, sweaty and vibrating with energy when the four-piece band performs songs of their newest album “Wild Honey”. As the album title and our interview indicate there’s this edgy and wild side about Hella Comet, when they play an ear-shattering mix of rock, noise and shoegaze. On the other hand they also enrich their sound with a certain fragility, a poppy sweetness that sticks with you like honey. We witness this mind-blowing combination of catchiness and fierceness when recording the song “Tinker Boat”.


  • Posted: December 12, 2013
  • Camera: Sarah Brugner, Simon Brugner, Michael Luger
  • Sound Recording: Hella Comet
  • Audio Mixing: Hella Comet, David Ruhmer
  • Post-Production: Michael Luger, Simon Brugner
  • Photography: Simon Brugner
  • Thanks To: Red Bull Music