One Of Us
Golden Boy

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So here they are, Austria’s golden boys at one of the coolest music festivals! It’s not the first time that we meet Vienna-based Ginga for a video session, but it’s a real novelty to catch up with a local band abroad. Considering their catchy, intoxicating songs, Ginga’s extended touring is no surprise. Looking for a sweet filming spot at Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona, we end up at a shadowy playground. It goes without saying that Ginga immediately grab the kids attention (which also happenend during our video session back then in Vienna ). However, the kids do not exactly consider our filming equipment as cool enough (“Look what camera he has!”, “Silly!”). As soon as Ginga start into “One Of Us” the kids’ critic falls silent. Followed by the not less powerful rendition of “Golden Boy”, our Ginga session #2 turns out pretty mind-blowing! To be continued…