Losing Sleep
What Presence?!

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Edwyn Collins

This was not an everyday video shoot, this was something special! You don’t often get to film people like Edwyn Collins, who left an impressive trace in pop history from 1980 onwards with Orange Juice and his solo records, who recorded a proper worldwide hit single („A Girl Like You“) in 1994, who fought his way back into life and on music stages after two life-threatening cerebral hemorrhages that left him unable to walk, talk or play music in 2005, who has since then released two amazing albums („Home Again“ and „Losing Sleep“) and started touring again, playing intense and stirring live shows. In late February this year, Edwyn visited Austria again after 15 years. We meet his wife and manager Grace Maxwell – easily one of the most positive and heartwarming people you can imagine (check out „Falling & Laughing“, her book about Edwyn’s recovery) – in the lobby of Hotel Triest in the afternoon before his show. We head to Edwyn’s room and set up on the lovely roof garden just next to it. Everybody is relaxed and in a good mood, and after some joking and laughing Edwyn and his band start into a powerful version of „Losing Sleep“. They then treat us with an acoustic rendition of the 1984 Orange Juice classic „What Presence?!“, which we keep humming when the session is over and we leave the hotel. Thanks, Edwyn & Grace!


  • Posted: May 1, 2011
  • Camera: Michael Luger
  • Sound Recording: Matthias Leihs
  • Post-Production: Michael Luger
  • Photography: Simon Brugner