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Der Nino aus Wien

“I have overslept”, mutters Nino, rubbing his eyes while he welcomes us to his apartment. It’s a Monday early afternoon and Nino adds apologetically: “I always work late. The only time I might get up early is when I’m on holidays.” However, it’s not the time for holidays for the Viennese songwriter who is about to release two new albums “Bäume” and “Träume”. Over the last couple of years the former suburban kid has developed his own sound with some local colour. Nino’s oeuvre now comprises 7 or 8 (if you count in the one from his side project Krixi, Kraxi und die Kroxn) albums and he surely doesn’t seem to run out of ideas. In fact the twenty-something applies good work habits and has after school directly taken a dive into working life. Nino has done everything from iceman to waiter to screen printer and can by now modestly live from his music. At home in the sleepy, but cosy Stuwerviertel he tells us about his songwriting process, his inspiration, his neighbourhood and his origin before playing the languorous title-track “Bäume”. Der Nino aus Wien then takes us to his local bar, where he goes for a solo-acoustic performance of “Grant”.


  • Posted: May 15, 2014
  • Camera: Sarah Brugner, Michael Luger
  • Sound Recording: Sarah Brugner
  • Audio Mixing: David Ruhmer
  • Post-Production: Simon Brugner, Michael Luger
  • Photography: Sarah Brugner