UFO Girl
Rodeo Heart

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22 Pistepirkko

Even though we had already worked with a whole lot of Swedish bands, several Danish bands and one Norwegian band, it took us quite a while till we finally caught up with a Finnish one. 22-Pistepirkko show up in Vienna and if it was not so cold, the trio would have picked Hundertwasserhaus as a backdrop for their filming session. This way the band drops by some classy café next to their hotel. Assumingly the people in the café won’t be the audience of 22-Pistepirkkos nightly show, yet an elderly lady is pleased by these charismatic musicians and starts to joke with bassist Asko Keränen. He then joins his brother P-K Keränen and their bandmate Espe Haverinen for an atmospheric performance of their new songs „UFO Girl“ and „Rodeo Heart“. However, if you are up to discover some more Finnish non-Metal bands, you will enjoy 22-Pistepirkko’s label bonvoyagerecordings.com.


  • Posted: March 1, 2011
  • Camera: Sarah Brugner
  • Sound Recording: Matthias Leihs
  • Post-Production: Sarah Brugner
  • Photography: Matthias Hombauer, Simon Brugner