Live sessions & portraits of your favorite bands. They Shoot Music is a music website featuring intimate and exclusive videos. We film unique performances and portraits of internationally renowned artists and discover local music scenes. Our aim is to capture an intimate musical moment and a snapshot of the everyday life of people and places. We have started exploring our homebase Vienna by means of music videos in 2008 and have since then released more than 350 sessions including videos, photos, location info and maps. In 2014 we have produced our first full-length music documentary Fuck The Atlantic Ocean.

Music Video & Geo Blog

In 2008 They Shoot Music Don’t They was among the first geo-blogs on the web. We portray all our shooting locations with photos, texts and maps.


We are based in Vienna but have worked in many cities across Europe – from Sarajevo to Copenhagen, from Reykjavík to Barcelona – and will continue to explore exciting places with our cameras.


TSMDT videos are made to promote artists we love. Since we support the free flow of information on the web, the free availability and circulation of the videos is crucial for us, and all bands and labels we worked with (and will work with) share this view.

What Others Say

“One of the coolest music websites ever”
spiegel.de, 06/2011
“[…] a wonderful Austrian site that […] usually films its beautifully recorded sessions around Vienna, with the written descriptions of each location giving it the feel of a music-cum-tourism site.”
guardian.co.uk, 05/2011
“[…] TSMDT is a video blog powered by Viennese cinematographers and music enthusiasts who aim to turn their favorite urban locations into great performance stages. In this way, TSMDT is able to not only create beautiful musical moments, but also bring attention to sites of cultural importance within their city.”
mashable.com, 05/2010

Work with us?

We are available for cooperations and projects and love to work along the intersection of music and filmmaking. We develop concepts and ideas and realize projects ranging from short clips to full-length features. Up to now we have worked with public bodies (City of Vienna, Hamburg Marketing), media companies (i-D, Intro) and music festivals (including Popfest Wien, Primavera Sound, MS Dockville and Reeperbahnfestival) all over Europe.

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Sarah Brugner:
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  • bands & labels for working with us
  • YOU for watching and following
  • blogotheque for the initial inspiration
  • Simon Brugner and Matthias Leihs for starting this project with us
  • all video producers, sound engineers, photographers and graphic designers who have made contributions


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