21st of June 2018 12:05 PM Link
Learning how to rap from ESRAP! We've organized a rap workshop with the Vienna-based duo at a school in Floridsdorf. Video coming up in summer. #NMSDeublergasse #SHIFT

Photos by Ina Aydogan
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11th of June 2018 10:02 AM Link
Some magic in the air! We've recorded a brand new song by 5K HD on a construction site near Vienna's Hauptbahnhof. #underconstruction # SHIFT

Photo by Andreas Jakwerth
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1st of June 2018 08:20 AM Link
A year ago we met Damir Imamovic to talk about the relationship between sevdah music and migration. Now that refugees have also put up their tents in Sarajevo, it is an urgent reminder that war and economic hardship have not only affected people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but still concern so many people all over the world.