21st of June 2018 12:05 PM Link
Learning how to rap from ESRAP! We've organized a rap workshop with the Vienna-based duo at a school in Floridsdorf. Video coming up in summer. #NMSDeublergasse #SHIFT

Photos by Ina Aydogan
28th of April 2018 09:47 AM Link
While the sun is shining outside, we captured some darkness with Paul Plut. Video coming up in a few weeks! #sacred #SHIFT

Photo by Max Manavi-Huber
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7th of April 2018 10:06 AM Link
In our new video series we portray various Vienna-based artists. Recently we met singer-songwriter Golnar Shahyar in this dreamy spring setting.

Photo by Ina Aydogan (Photography)
#findesiecle #SHIFT
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